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Preparation of Pore-Size Controllable Activated Carbon from Rice Husk Using Dual Activating Agent and Its Application in Supercapacitor

Khu Le Van and Thuy Luong Thi Thu

Journal of Chemistry

Article ID 4329609



Activated carbon by KOH and NaOH activation: Preparation and electrochemical performance in K2SO4 and Na2SO4 electrolytes

Khu Le Van, Thuy Luong Thi Thu, Ha Nguyen Thi Thu, Hung Van Hoang

Russia Journal of Electrochemistry

55(9), 900-907


Comparison of structural and electric properties of ZnO-based n-type thin films with different dopants for thermoelectric applications

Doanh Viet Vu, Dang Hai Le, Chien Xuan Nguyen, Thong Quang Trinh

Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology

91(1), 146-153


Study on Material Properties of Sn- and Cu-doped ZnO Thin Films as n- and p-type Thermoelectric Materials based on Wet Solution Synthesis

Doanh Viet Vu, Dang Hai Le, Tinh Trong Nguyen, Thiet Van Duong, Quan Duc Ngo, Thong Quang Trinh

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

30(7), 6544-6551


Synthesis and structure of organoplatinum(II) complexes containing aryl olefins and 8-hydroxyquinolines

Le Thi Hong Hai, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Vinh, Luu Thi Tuyen, Luc Van Meervelt, Tran Thi Da

Journal of Coordination Chemistry

0), 1637-165172(1)


STEM education program: manufacturing mixture of phosphate and potash fertilizer straws and waste of animal bones,

Nguyen Mau Duc, Tran Trung Ninh; Ngo Thi Toan, Kieu Thi Hai, and Chokchai Yuenyong (2019)

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2019


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